Prepaid Legal – Business Opportunity Review

Prepaid Legal Services is a company that has been offering legal service and a business opportunity to North American families for many years. Legal counsel and advice from qualified lawyers is available to all and every member with just a call to their toll-free number. Many people find Prepaid Legal services a preventive solution to an unforeseen legal affair. However, there are those that consider the company simply because of the potential profit. In this review we will be focusing only on the business opportunity and compensation plan.

Prepaid Legal is considered to be one of the biggest network marketing companies ever. Their business opportunity is a multilevel marketing design, also viewed as a pyramid structure. It is a tiered compensation plan where distributors can build a downline to earn residual income. As a member you can also make commission from direct sales, plus ongoing compensation for all active members enrolled by you. Override commissions are also given when others in your organization sign up new members. Prepaid Legal believes their business opportunity is designed so that anyone with an honest desire for success can do it, regardless of background or experience.

Prepaid Legal has been around for quite some time and still teaches the same method of approach to reach success. Their business opportunity encourages distributors to grow using their so-called warm market method by sharing the membership with those that you relate with every day such as family, friends and work colleagues. They also teach their members to use the 3 foot rule, which means they are supposed to talk to anyone and everyone within 3 feet around them about prepaid legal services and their business opportunity.

I believe one should take advantage and even take risks when it comes to a business opportunity. However, taking risks does not mean doing the same thing over and over and expect the same result when times have changed. One has to adjust with change to be able to achieve success in today’s market. The fact is that anyone and everyone could certainly make a lot of money and be very successful marketing prepaid legal services, all with the right knowledge and skills to advertise and promote in today’s market.